Engaged Performance

This pitch-perfect partnership brings together the Department of Music, the world-class Cornell Concert Series, a prominent Ithaca-based social service organization and local music ensembles to create community-engaged classroom and performance opportunities. This project promotes a learning-centered, co-curricular and sustainable model for community engagement. Students gain the tools and skills necessary for embracing musical performance as a community-building activity, which deepens their sense of civic engagement and ethical practice. The involvement of local schools and the Greater Ithaca Activity Center, an Ithaca-based social service organization, connect underserved youth populations with the musical resources that the Cornell campus and music lovers from the greater Ithaca region have long enjoyed.

During COVID-19, we have transitioned to online engagement by connecting our students and the public Cornell Concert Series artists and other musical leaders. Below, please enjoy a range of musical discussions, from tips on getting more out of practicing to making the world a better place through music to motivating kids to practice. Until we can all be together again, we hope we can help you feel connected while staying safe.

Christina and Michelle Naughton playing the piano.

Practicing at home? How to get better results (hint: don’t just play it over and over and over and over…)

Christina and Michelle Naughton


A cellist both endures NYC quarantine *and* gives practical advice on motivating young players

Karlos Rodriguez


NYC violist talks about staying relaxed, whether balancing a demanding practice schedule or COVID restrictions

Paul Laraia