COVID 19 Response

  • Wednesday
  • March 11, 2020

As the broader arts community struggles to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cornell Concert Series wants to do our part.

We are working hard to reschedule artists, keep workers employed remotely, and hold the future season on track; but we also want to provide a platform about how this crisis is impacting the musical world, and the ripple effect out from there. Please read and share, and if you would like to contribute, email us at drj46@cornell.edu

When the Show Doesn’t Go On

Dr. Deborah Justice

When a show gets cancelled, the marquee goes dark. Then suddenly, across multiple economic sectors…

What COVID-19 Looks Like from an Artist’s Perspective

Lucy Fitz Gibbon

I was prepared to lose concerts, but I was not prepared for the emotional or financial prospect of losing six or 12 or 18—or maybe even 24 months of work…

What COVID-19 Looks Like from a Special Attractions Agent’s Perspective

Interview with Kerby Lovallo

This inability to gather is just so anti-human. After the crisis has passed, I expect that there will be an explosion in attendance…