Welcome to the reimagined 2020-21 Season of the Cornell Concert Series.

The Cornell Concert Series is dedicated to presenting impactful, innovative programming that complies with the COVID-19 guidelines mandated by Cornell University and New York State. Until we are able to safely re-open our concert halls to you, we will be presenting our artists in a virtual format.

We program in seasonal archs to bring the world’s richest traditions to you. During Fall 2020, we presented four artists from the worlds of Western classical music and jazz. In Spring 2021, we offer GRAMMY Award nominees and winners in South African vocals, jazz violin, a Western classical string quartet, and jazz piano.  Our online episodes will feature artists performing and speaking about their music: offering insights into their repertoire, and discussing ways of creating, practicing, and enjoying music in a socially-distanced world.

Every episode will allow you to directly take part in guiding the conversation. If you have a question for any artist on our series, please email it to info@cornellconcertseries.com and the artist may answer it in their segment! Our episodes will be pre-taped, with submission deadlines for questions two weeks before the episode air date.

Each episode will premiere on CornellConcertSeries.com at 7:00pm, where it will remain viewable for 14 days. Episodes will be available for future viewing by logging in to our ticketing site, cornellconcertseries.universitytickets.com.


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